Test Services

It is unnecessary to highlight that testing is an essential phase in every space mission to ensure the complete success and avoid that spacecraft hardware/software components and communications are defects-free and do not interfere with the satellite operation.

Every STRIVING SmallSat mission goes through a detailed and severe test campaign, based on Environment Analysis and Definition study to identify all the external and internal elements, which can affect the spacecraft’s performance.

In addition to the IOV mission execution, two main levels of on-ground testing have been identified:

  • On-ground platform and integrated satellite testing (included all environmental test campaigns, i.e. TVAC, mechanical tests and EMC);
  • On-ground coms payload testing, to perform all preliminary verification on ground of payload behaviour, to allow also to define the IOV plan.

The testing campaign includes among others:

Implementation and Tailoring of Test Standards

Implementation and Tailoring of Test Standards, considering the specific mission and its on-board payloads needs.

SmallSat System Performance Testing

SmallSat System Performance Testing to evaluate of the quality and capability of the whole spacecraft system integrated with its defined payloads for the IOV mission.

Shock, Vibration Testing, Thermal and Thermal Vacuum Testing

Shock, Vibration Testing, Thermal and Thermal Vacuum Testing to assure its readiness for the violence of launch, airlessness and temperature extremes of Earth orbit.

Optional Payload Testing Services

In case of specific need of radiation qualification, this service can also be provided, in order to secure the radiation tolerance of critical electronics based on COTS or in case of severe orbital environments. Radiation analysis and radiation testing can be performed, including Heavy Ion and TID testing in dedicated facilities.

If the Customer wishes to perform the testing autonomously but needs ad hoc facilities, the SMP can also offer the use of the available facilities, which include state-of the-art equipments to cover environmental and mechanical test campaigns.

The following facilities are available:
  • Measurement and Test Equipment (Digital scopes, AWG, Logic Analysers, DAQ modules multimeters, Network Analysers, Probes, Power supplies and measurement, Adaptive Power systems);
  • SW environment for test measurement, control and automation applications;
  • Special type test equipments, dedicated to specific products;
  • Shaker for system and subsystem vibration tests;
  • Separation test facilities.
  • External Facilities are available (e.g. Anechoic Chamber for EMC) to perform the tests under the team’s supervision.

The team can also offer radiation analysis and testing services, including Heavy Ion and TID testing.