Launch Procurement

Your Ticket to Space

Accessing space is one of the most challenging moment of your space mission and it can be very hard to find the best fit in terms of scheduling, technical compatibility, reliability and cost.

Working with all the most important launch service providers, we can secure the most affordable launch (rideshare or dedicated) according to your validation timeline and your technical constraints. In addition, we also offer solutions for licensing, integration activities, satellite transportation and storage, launch insurance, and custom feasibility studies.

No two missions are the same, we work to make yours happen!

Launch Opportunity Procurement

In the framework of the end-to-end service, STRIVING team acts as single interface between the customers and the different candidate launcher providers aiming at identifying the best launch option considering technical, operational, schedule and financial aspects. We keep a continuous link with different launch authorities, so to have an updated knowledge of the available slots suited for the different IOV missions.

Starting from the mission requirements (orbit parameters), the spacecraft mass class and the desired launch window, we fully oversee the launch contract negotiation process up to the contract signature and manage the Launcher Interface formalization (requirements definition and compliance verification, ICD preparation, separation system configuration and procurement).

Integration Activities

Integration services include all activities and flight hardware support equipment necessary to ensure the full compatibility between spacecraft and launcher, from transportation to the identified integration facility to the release of the Certification of Flight Readiness.

We have long standing experience with all the major launch vehicles (dedicated and rideshare) and our platform solutions are specifically designed to ease the integration with the launcher. All relevant electrical and functional tests, such as shock and vibration tests, are performed. Don’t worry, you’ll be there with us to perform the electrical and functional tests of your payload!!

Launch Campaign Management

Once the satellite is integrated with the separation system we fully oversee transportation to launch site (not exactly like sending a DHL package…), handling, storage and monitoring, making sure that the system is always assured the correct levels of temperature, moisture, air pressure, cleanliness and safety.

Effective integration with the launcher is performed at launch site and we make sure that all additional activities up to the launch event (final integration checks, fairing encapsulation, pre-launch reviews, safety, etc.) are performed.


Insurance is not a mandatory element of the service and the STRIVING team can tailor insurance coverage specific to your mission and your needs at a very competitive price. Most requested insurance elements are:

  • launch risk guarantee insurance
  • transportation insurance
  • on-orbit insurance

Typically, coverage will be specific to the launch vehicle, the country and the payload value.